It’s a Bali-ful Life

The day had finally arrived that I would head out on my 24 hour journey to Bali. I am meeting up with an old and dear friend Kiera who now lives in Australia for some much-needed R & R, adventure and girl time. My bags were packed and I was ready to experience China Air for the first time. The seats were spacious enough in economy and both the food and service were exemplary.IMG_9796

I landed at the Despensar airport and reunited with Kiera, then we both set off for our trip to Canggu.

We stayed at the marvelous Chill House the first leg of our trip which is undoubtedly any surfers dream. Am I a surfer? No, not in the slightest but it was breathtaking nonetheless. Both breakfast and lunch were included and the property offered yoga, mani’s, pedi’s and a wealth of excursions. The property is covered in amazing art and inspiring phrases, often about good vibes. My stay at The Chill House was the very essence of Hakuna Matata.


The Chill House


We spent the next few days galavanting the tourist/surf town of Canggu and it did not disappoint. The food, drinks, people, and sights were all on point. Everyone was just as determined as we were to have a good time.

We rode bikes into town each day (which were 100% free by the way) and stopped in cute cafe’s and strolled onto Echo Beach to enjoy a mojito filled coconut and a ride on the swings.

IMG_9921 copy.jpg


IMG_9886We swam, we saw and we conquered.

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