A Change of Scenery

To say it has been some time since my previous post is uncomfortably comical. But I have returned to the Blogger-sphere in an attempt to document my new venture.


I can still barely believe it. I wanted to return to school but I also wanted to learn French. Fast forward a few months and now I am here in the city of love (which is a complete misnomer in my experience).

I have been in Paris for nearly a year but this is just the beginning. Join me as I document my life, this city, country and many more to come.

And for those who feel the calling to pick up and live your life elsewhere, I desperately urge you to do it. I promise you, your life will still be there when you get back. That is if you ever go back…



Top Left: Bruges, Paris, Prague, Marrakesh, Paris, Prague, Essaouira

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